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03-07-2001, 01:32 AM
Just to make sure people might miss me:

Okay i need someone to check this out for me i dont know what I've got here. I have 2 files, test1.fla and test2.fla
both files are almost identical to the file in the tutorial
"Continuously Scrolling Text Field / Graphic Objects ". Now heres the thing, I faithfully copied the files in the tutorial as best i could and got what looks to be almost the same thing. The only thing i changed was the text and variable name for the dynamic text field from "contentText" to just "text". Now i spent all night trying to puzzle this out and im stumped. The problem is when i actuley put a mask in the MC "masker" the mask will mask the correct areas BUT the text will not display. Now I've checked this everwich way i can think of and it looks to me no differnt than the original tutorial file. Also, if you take the mask out of the "masker" MC then the text will be displayed normaly just not masked. Originaly i thought there was some kind of problem with the path to the dynamic text field, hence my questions earlier about paths and _level0 . But i discovered when i removed the mask from "masker" that the text was displayed hence there is no problem with the path but the mask on "masker" is somehow hiding the text. So i put together these 2 files, one with the mask (text invisible) and one without the mask (text visible not masked) now, it is possible within the context that i am working to fake my way through w/out the mask and only the basic scrolling functions, but i would like to know WHY i cant seem to recreate the conditions in the tutorial file wich by the way works fine on my computer w/ my version of flash. (so its not that either i thought of that at about 2 am) so anyway here are the files :

Please tell me im doing something stupid.

03-07-2001, 06:16 AM
Dont bother Jesse who is a god answered this for me.