View Full Version : XML Connector + Loader Component + Problem with MC buttons

09-08-2005, 01:39 AM
I have set up an XML Connector to read data from an XML file. I have the following bindings; a Combo Box, a TextInput, a TextArea, and two Loaders. The problem I am having is in the loader component that I am loading an external movieclip into. The movieclip I am loading into the Loader component is a gallery of photos, which also calls an XML file. All of this is working, but there is a small glitch I am hoping someone has seen before...

Everything works great on the default selection (no problem with my buttons). However, when the user selects another option from the combo box and the data refreshes, the buttons on the movieclip (which loaded inside the Loader component) do not work properly. I should be able to rest my mouse over the NEXT button and flip through the gallery, but as it stands, I have to move the mouse to get the button to work again.

Is the Loader component the best way to handle loading an external movie file? Someone previously mentioned using the attachMovie, or createEmptyMovieclip functions, but I do not know how to build them on the combo box trigger, because it is using bindings through the XML Connector.