View Full Version : flash dynamic textfields text to html page text help

Paul Ferrie
10-01-2005, 08:33 AM
Hi guys,
I need some help.

I have these pages:


At present these are just static pages. My client would now like to be able to add, edit and delete some of these pages. I currently have an admin facilty for the main website:


Example admin area:


I thought i would be able to setup some kind of form within the admin area. I have got the form setup but i have noticed that the dynamic text fields export a lot of tags that seem to cause problems when displaying the info back into html. The main problem is the font size that flash exports in the dynamic textfield "<FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE="12" COLOR="#000000">"
html's font size "12" is very big on the html page.

Maybe i should have the editing done within an html form rather than the flash form.