View Full Version : preloading external .swf's into html frames

10-10-2005, 11:06 PM
I've searched quite a few threads on preloading multiple external .swf's, but most of them realate to loading them for use within a single movie.

My situation is that I need an html page with a preloader for mulitple .swf's, so that when the preloading is complete you will be taken to an html frameset with the loaded movies in various frames. When clicking a button in a flash movie in the top frame it loads an html frame with another .swf into the center frame. It would also be helpful if I could load external .jpg's, too.

I know that the easiest way around this would be to make the entire thing in flash and scrap the frameset, but the client gets what the client wants. The answer may be quite simple, but my child-like mind has yet to grasp it.

Thanks (I'll come up with a clever signature soon)