View Full Version : More Flash Presentation problems...

10-18-2005, 11:35 AM
Hey All,

Havin some troubles with a large presentation I am putting together. There are 5 swfs. The main stage has the background and audio etc. An empty MC on the stage loads the first swfs using:


The last frame in premium.swf loads the next swf, and so on.

Each swf has many images and embedded video so the file size is quite large for each (premium.swf is 1.5mb due to the FLV file).

When I view each swf in flash - ctrl-enter (all frame rates are 35) they play fine. When I launch the first swf (main stage) and it loads the next swf, things slow down. And it gets even worse when I launch the main swf outside of Flash...very very slow.

I am not sure why this is. Ive optimized all the images as small as I can and updated the video with a lower quality setting and even upped the frame rate of the video to 40 (a little faster than the swf of 35).

When I load the first movie it plays ok, but seems to start when the second loads. Just for clarity: is the previous swf being unloaded....when the new one loads - the AS is always using level "0". Could they be stacking up, causing it to play slow. Do I need to unload or doesnt it replace it cause its the same level?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.



PS: Oldnewbie...im sure you have sum thoughts :)