View Full Version : FLV Encoding and Metadata

10-19-2005, 10:21 PM
Hi all,
After reading what seems to be every post on the subject I still have some general questions regarding encoding and metadata.

My Development Environment:
Flash 8 published for flash player 7
Actionscript 2.0
No MM components

I'm building a streaming (flashcomm) video application. I've encoded file_a.flv using Sorenson Squeeze 4. I've encoded file_b.flv using Flash Video 8 Encoder. I've been able to read the duration metadata from file_a but not with file_b.

My question is does Flash Video 8 Encoder inject metadata? Depending on the answer I will have some followup questions. Probably for an actionscript forum.

Dying to know my followup?... What is the best method for pulling metadata given my development environment. I've read about onMetaData with and without square brackets, using the free meta injector (which I could not get to display duration), and chased my tail all over the macromedia site/help where I kept running into MX and MX 2004 answers.

Thanks in advance,