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10-27-2005, 06:20 AM
We have some sites enterely shown in Flash that were working perfectly until our users upgraded to Flash Player version 8.

With Flash Player 8, the browser simply CRASH at loading our sites.

This happens on Windows XP, on Windows 2000, on Ms Internet Explorer, on Mozilla Firefox...

Our sites work perfectly with Flash Player 7.

Certainly Macromedia Flash 8 does not complain at publishing our movies, no ActionScript errors, no error at generating the .SWF.

Our sites have a complex ActionScript content, but all ActionScript is correct with no tricks either hacks.

You could see this behavoir at
(that's not a permanent link)

We could post any code to reproduce the issue when we aisle a bit the problem. At present, we could only post the entire application.

Any experience with similar problems? Any help?
Thank you.

12-16-2005, 12:51 PM
I am experiencing the same problem and have confirmed that flash player 8 crashes both MAC and PC browsers of any kind. I uninstalled and tested the troubled site with both v6 and v7 flash player and no hiccups.

So no one else has seen this? I've found evidence that other people have seen the same thing, but no answers. Just curious if there are any solutions out there...

- charlie:confused:

12-16-2005, 02:00 PM
Howdy and Welcome, fellow VA resident... :)

Well... I am not the person to answer that question but I sure want to give you a quick hand on something that might give you better chance of getting the answer...

I understand that you are having problem with FP8, but you are not giving any ground for other people to give you abit better idea on what might be going on...
I suggest you start disecting your movie and separate the routines so that you can enable/disable the particular blocks of codes... That way you can pinpoint which block of codes is causing the problem and maybe you can present that code for another sets of eyes so that other people can help you better... Know what I mean??? ;)

12-17-2005, 12:56 PM
Indeed I do, and thanks Cyanblue of beautiful VA. Hope this doesn't count as a crosspost but I do have an update on the problem...

I am seeing the crashing issue with a project that has been online for while:


To see the problem you need to be running the v8,0,22,0 player and click "Air & Water" nav on the bottom, then click into "Water" and wait about a minute until the scene just after the "scuba-diving monkey"... Basically locks up or closes down the browser in every computer I have tested. It works as long as you don't have v8 flash player installed. I have confirmed the problem with most browsers on both Mac and PC - the browser crashes at the same exact point in all instances.

So you would think "Hey, at least the tragic problem is consistent so there must be a way around it..." but I haven't found one yet. So we spent a good portion of yesterday trying to dissect the troubled file in various ways. It doesn't appear to be actionscript related (this fla is pretty much a straightforward animation) and there doesn't seem to be any other file on the site (that I have discovered anyway) with the crash problem. I'm guessing it is something akin to a flash player memory leak that may accumulate very quickly and overwhelm the player. I can post the file when I get back into work on MON. afternoon ( I am going for double FLash certification on Monday morning in Falls Church! :D Wish me luck!) so that others may peek at the offending fla.

Anyways, thanks for the interest and I'll keep this thread updated with whatever I find...

- charlie

01-15-2006, 01:48 AM
Ok, I forgot that post, sorry.
We found the problem, it became when we used the object MovieClipLoader. We used that object correctly accord to the documentation. We did not found any workaround, so we stopped using MovieClipLoader and now we use simple LoadMovie.

Some sample of the problem code:

var loaderName:String = "loader20";
var ldLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
var loaderHref:String = "loader.swf";
ldLoader.onLoadInit = function( targetMc ) {
targetMc._x = look.getX();
targetMc._y = look.getY();
targetMc._width = look.getWidth();
targetMc._height = look.getHeight();
delete ldLoader; // liberar memoria
ldLoader.loadClip( loaderHref, eval(loaderName) );