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10-27-2005, 04:08 PM
Hello ,

In an animation , I ve a few combobox dynamically alimented from a MySql database via external php files and they are working well. Users can select an item in the combobox , and they get a button which send the cursor to the next frame with the combobox.value . After I allow them to modify their primary choice , then they can click a "change options " button who bring them back on the last frame. When this button is clicked , the variable 'first' take the 'not' value , and then using an if condition , the SendAndLoad request which fill up the combo is not running once again (otherwise I would get my combo with all items in double) . That's working well , but what I would like is that when the user come back to change his selected item in the combo , I would like than the items of this one to be reseted and the SendAndLoad request to be executed again . But I don't know how to reset all the entries in the combobox ?????
If someone may help me , it would be great
Thanks by advance and excuse my poor french english .