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11-14-2005, 03:29 PM
Hi all and thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out.

Ok, I've got a menu that has 8 buttons on it. When a button is pressed I have the menu rotate so the button is rotated to a specific point and then a MC is displayed with text in it. I've used motion guides on the 8 layers to ensure the text stays upright.

I've searched the forums and found a ton of info on rotating menu's but it seems nothing that I can adapt to suit my site. I can use a ton of tweening to get the effect I'm looking for but I just know there is an easier way to do it in AS. I've got a feeling I've seen this on a site before (and I've possibly missed a tutorial on it). I want to be able to click on any of the buttons and have that button rotate to the 'east' position and show a content MC.

Have a look at a tweened example of what I'd like to do in ActionScript:
Site: http://www.mainstreamconstruction.com.au/temp/menu.html

Or my source .fla: http://www.mainstreamconstruction.com.au/temp/flash_orb.fla

Thanks again for any assistance. I'd appreciate a good hard shove in the right direction.


11-16-2005, 05:56 AM

I probably should have said that in the tweened example you'll need to click on the 'Cash Flow & Debit Management' button to see the effect I'm trying to achieve in ActionScript.