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11-23-2005, 05:24 AM


hit "enter"

i would like to share with you all this rather inspiring website from argentina. I was wondering how this is done. Notice that the objects move opposite of the mouse and at different increments on the x and y axis. what i like is the 3d effect. my question is what is the easiest and most logically method to go about designing a page which looks like this. i need some guidance here.


Stinkin Mushroom
11-23-2005, 05:32 AM
That's not really 3D you know, some objects just move more then others when mouse moves. that makes that 3d effect, the objects on the 'back' move less then those on the f'ront' ... and if you want to know how to make the effect that an object moves on the opposite of your mouse I think there's a tutorial about that.

PS: lol my post is no help at all, sorry :-D

11-23-2005, 05:45 AM
This type of effect is called parallax. Do a google on it...