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11-24-2005, 04:20 PM
I'm trying to build an interactive tutorial that has the following:

- Informational content
- 2-3 Interactive multiple-choice checklist (gives feedback whether the answer is correct or incorrect)
- Practice exercises (user selects answers and gives feedback when answer is correct or incorrect)
- Quiz (at the end, it tallies up the score, provide feedback on which is correct and incorrect, and gives the ranking feedback based on the number of correct and incorrects.

And the ability to navigate to specific sections in informational content, practice exercises, and quiz.

The question is, how does one plan for this when creating this tutorial? What would be the easiest way to go about this?

Can this all this content be built within one flash (.fla) file or does one need to create separate .fla files for different parts and make them appear as one tutorial?

I'd appreciate your assistance with this matter.



11-25-2005, 12:07 AM
Yes, you can do it all in one FLA. Or you can dynamically load text from external text files, which makes it that much easier to update your content. You will need to:

1) Learn how to work with input text
2) Learn how to work with radio buttons
3) Search for tutorials about making quizzes in Flash

This forum is mostly about asking very specific Action Script questions, so you probably won't get any more detailed guidance than this. If you do a bit of searching it won't take you long to find free online tutorials about all the elements you need to build your own tutorial. Here's one for starters:


Many Flash books contain full chapters about creating interactive quizzes in Flash. For example, the very first chapter of Colin Moock's Action Script: The Definitive Guide (2nd Edition) gets you started making a quiz that also keeps score.

Then when you're building your tutorial and run into an inevitable aggravating bug that makes you want to tear your hair out, you should come back to this forum and post the offending code, and you will be swamped with generous replies to help you fix these specifics. That's what's wonderful about this forum: no one is going to hold your hand to help you build your project, but when you're having specific trouble, everyone wants to dive in and help.