View Full Version : sliding menu help

11-30-2005, 12:37 PM
I was wondering if anyone out there could help me with the menu on my site see I'm try to make a menu that slides out from the side kinda like this http://www.beksinski.pl/ (credits)

I'll try to describe what i've done so far
1. made the image with photoshop and imported it over to flash
2. converted it into a graphic then a movie clip
3. put the code on it

on(RollOver) {

on(RollOut) {

it works.. least it opens but everytime I put the buttons inside it they don't work like I can't select them.. so what I wanted to do is make the but disable its self after you roll over it and turn back after or does anyone know how to make the menu from the site?

12-05-2005, 03:53 PM
you might find this a good read