View Full Version : want to change from .txt to XML

12-06-2005, 08:20 PM

I currently have a flash file that reads content from a txt file and displays it in the movie when it is published. the code on the fla on frame one is:

conversation_counter = 0

i have the following in the txt file:


ndon:&customer_name_5=Paul:&operator_name=Operator:&operator_1_message_1=Hello! How can I assist you

today?&customer_1_message_1=Do you come here often?&operator_1_message_2=Yes, I love

you.&operator_2_message_1=Hello, Scott! Can I help you?&customer_2_message_1=Do I need 3D MAX to edit 3D style

templates?&operator_2_message_2=No, in fact. All 3-D models are ready to use.&operator_3_message_1=Do you need

some help?&customer_3_message_1=Yes. Can you pls re-send me the download link?&operator_3_message_2=Sure. What

is your order ID please?&operator_4_message_1=Welcome to our Help Chat! Can I help you?&customer_4_message_1=I

need to remove watermark from my logotype...&operator_4_message_2=OK, let me help. First, open your Adobe

Photoshop.&operator_5_message_1=Hello! How can I assist you today?&customer_5_message_1=Do you offer PHP-Nuke

templates?&operator_5_message_2=Yes, of course. Let me push you to this page.

what i want to do is change over from using a txt file to using an xml file.

the fla is attached.