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12-09-2005, 10:00 PM
As far as it looks, this question has been asked all over the internet but noone has yet to answer any of the forums.

Here's my directory setup.

|- directory_1/
| |- file.html
|- directory_2/
|- menu.swf
|- sound.swf
|- main.swf

Question: Once main.swf is loaded into file.html as the main movie, is there a way for it to call to it's same directory (directory_2) without actually naming the directory to load the sound.swf? As of now, once main.swf is loaded it then searches within directory_1. Again, I cannot call to the directory directly, I just need a way to load from the same directory it came from.
Thanks Guys.

12-10-2005, 02:26 PM
I thought I'd post the answer to this since alot of people seem to wonder if there is a way to do this and noone ever knows.....

It's not within the flash movie it's within the HTML. When the main flash movie is embeded into the page you have to add this within the <OBJECT> </OBJECT> tags....


The "." is directing all movies to the relative directory that the main.swf came from. You could also use something along the lines of "/document_root/directory_2/" if you have a specific directory.

This makes everything so much easier to keep in order on any site that involves multiple swf's, just create a seperate directory to hold em all!