View Full Version : 12 mb FLV file?

12-11-2005, 12:54 AM
I don't get it.

I thought I'd be able to make a swf file in Flash 8, upload it and it would play on my web site and be a very small file - 2 or 3 mbs.

Now it seems I have to upload the flv file along with the swf and in this case the flv is 12 mb, much too big for my personal server.

Am I missing something here?


12-16-2005, 03:16 PM

a .swf file is directly porportional to what you put in it.

If you placed a car in a shopping basket the basket would weigh as much as the car does, am i not right?

Therefore your .swf will "weigh" as much as anything you put in it.
Try scaling down your content. Example: are you using Video in it, or huge images. Use Jpegs instead of 32 bit png files, or compress video before importing it into flash.

Also on publish settings there is a check box called "compress movie" that helps, so does turning down the quality of the overall .swf in publish settings too!