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12-20-2005, 05:54 PM
So, I found this lovely article (http://www.informit.com/guides/content.asp?g=flash&seqNum=340) regarding the new ExternalInterface class in Flash8.

I tried the first code sample (see below) which is basically checking to see if there is an externalinterface available, and it doesn't seem to work. I always get returned TRUE even if I have disable Java/Javascript in my browser.

import flash.external.*;
_root.attachMovie("Label", "lbl", 20);
lbl._x = 15;
lbl._y = 15;
lbl.text = "";
lbl.autoSize = "left";
var isAvailable:Boolean = ExternalInterface.available;
lbl.text = isAvailable;

Presumably if JS is disabled, this should then return false...

Suggestions? Ideas? Thanks!

11-10-2009, 04:18 AM
hi. it returns true that means your flash player support the external interface. it is not related to java script enable or disabled..