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03-14-2001, 02:25 PM
I've just gone freelance and i've just finished the first part of my site. More will be going into the Portfolio section when i've sorted out the screenshots and they'll be a summary for each project.
could you all have aquick look and any usefull critisism would be appreciated.
Comments in regard to AtomicIsland would be great, it's in a very early beta @ the moment.

oh, the front page WILL have more content.

thanks all (and it will be hosted properly soon)


03-15-2001, 01:34 AM
sorry, got too frustrated when i could not find any buttons - if that is your intent, then good job - you have interesting layout for everything (i am assuming) - let me know with some guidance

cool out


03-15-2001, 02:38 PM
Nice idea. Map works well. Took a little while to get it, but soon got my own little world together. I like the new isometric view a few sites are using now. Looks good. What's the main aim behind this map? Is it just a bit of fun, or a big master plan for futuristic virtual worlds?
Tried to load the finger twister, but the linked wasn't linked in a link type way.

03-15-2001, 03:02 PM
cool, comments taken on board, needs more obvious pointers for navigation... okay i'll buttonize the buttons a bit, although i though having rollovers and info in the alt tag was enough.
The map program, well i'll be adding more object, bridges, harbour, heli pad etc, getting the clean up routine right - each type of object has an id number, straight road = 1 for example at the moment the routine just compares the id number not the level, the orientation so if i placed a northwest to southeast straight down i can't place a northeast to southwest straight down cos it only compares the id, not object orientation.

Enviroment activated object - heli pad for example, place it leave it for a while then a helicopter will take off fly around then land, or fly away and be replaced by a different helicopter coming back

Better print - very disappointed with the printing from Flash5 so back to the manual to see if i can improve it, high quality etc...

Shared object library, haven't tried this yet s i want to give it ago, also the loading needs improving (original file was 12k so worked fine, now it stutters - 52k)

then finally allowing you to save an island , come back and improve it, send a postcard to a friend to come see it

And maybe zoomable, although this maybe a lot of work cos of how the tiles are placed and the level of movies...

thanks for the comments to both of you, any more from anyone??