View Full Version : How Long Does It Take To Learn Actionscripting Thoroughly?

03-15-2001, 03:56 AM
That's about it.


03-15-2001, 08:26 AM
Good question, do you know javascript at all?

03-15-2001, 10:55 AM
It took me about 4 months or something to reach a stage by which I was confident I could achieve most outcomes I would wish to...
I'd never programmed before I started using Flash either, so it aint hard.

Actionscripting is actually a really good place to start IMHO.



03-15-2001, 03:06 PM
Hey Jesse,

Did you learn on your own (books, tutorial, etc.....) or did you take some classes. I've just finished the actionscript manual that came with Flash 5 (took me about a month) and some things are more clear yet I'm not quite there. Starting on another book, Javascript by Thau!.


03-15-2001, 05:15 PM
Originally posted by loydthefarmer
Good question, do you know javascript at all?

I know very little javascripting. Just the concept about the object oriented structure like actionscripting. I also know very little about the concept of variables. I wanna eventually be doing things like the tsunami effects and bouncing ball, and understand the whole concept behind it.

Thanks for the response all,

03-16-2001, 04:33 AM
I taught myself from tutorials and forums like this one which is why I'm now a contributer to such forums as I think they're a great way to learn. (It's also why I don't do people's work for them but explain how THEY can do it themselves, because otherwise they wont learn).

I read the tutorials which shipped with Flash 4 (very little Actionscripting) also. No books though.

Oh yeah, I actually read some chapters of the Flash 4 Bible because I was in contact with some of the contributing authors :)



03-17-2001, 12:02 PM
Yeah I think forums are a good idea in principle and I get swift replies. It does seem a bit daunting when you see so many posts on a page though. You think "where do I start?"
I recommend that you spend time reading books - it really is the only way. What are the best books then? Flash 5 Bible (Amazon.co.uk: Paperback 27.99) is what Jesse recommends - the price is slightly prohibitive - I wonder if the local library has a copy m- I doubt it. I hate the Actions interface in Flash 4 - I want to be able to write the code out like you can in Flash 5. Sod it, I might just add some more credit to my Egg card and buy an upgrade.
Sorry for rambling.