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02-08-2006, 05:22 PM
Hi everybody.
My name is Dorian i'm new here.
i've got a problem, and this problem persist from 3 years, just when i began to programme with flash.

The problem is the text.

Everytime i had to build an application, i was always discouraged because there were always problems with text.

In fact when insert a static text in flash, exporting it, the text is distorted, not linear, but deformed, bad and not easy to read. Well, static text is always a problem, but, at the conytrary, when i insert a dynamic text, it is always clear and wonderful. Magnificent.

This problem occurred three years ago with Flash MX, 2 years ago with Flash MX 2004 Pro and now with Flash 8 it is resolved in part.

In fact, text is clear and beauty, static text, but when i write many rows, at a particoular point, the text is deformed from a line until the end of the text itself.

It's orribilant. It seemed so beauty, but in the end the same problem.
I tried everything, but to obtain the best effect i must use Bitmap text without antialising.

How is it possible to avoid this problem?????