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Default linking external text files in different folders

here's the problem:

I am making a site for some people that have no experience using any web tools. They need to be able to update the texts on the site themselves.

The page will feature a number of artists and will be frequently updated. What I need is some smart way of a flash movie that loads whatever bioText file is in the current folder so that the same flash file can be used over and over again and yet load different files.


A flash file called bio.swf contains a textArea component that loads the file bioText.txt into it.

each of the artist folders contains a bioText.txt file with the bios for each artist.

how do I make it so that depending on what folder the bio.swf file is loaded out of, the bioText.txt file originates from that folder and not from root?

Key point: they can not alter flash files, only text files.

if anyone has a smart idea it would be MUCH appreciated

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well if you are loading a specific bio.swf out of a specific folder, then you know the folder. So set the folder as a variable when the user clicks that artist's button and use the variable again to load the txt.

I am not expert on loading txt files so maybe someone else can handle that part.

The easiest way is to use XML, but that may be too hard for the artist, although it could be pretty simple XML.

You could also create an Admin flash swf for the artist to go to and fill out their info, then write out the xml from it, and let them edit it, but thats more work for you.
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