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Default Tetris?

Does anyone have the code for a simple tetris game that i can study? the actionscript, or better yet an .fla, would be greatly appreciated... thanks in advance
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just download sothlink swf extracter.. then search new grounds or ome flash game site for tetris... sothlink will let you take any game/flash file offline and convert it to an fla... xD... other then that... no sorry i dont have a tetris fla but you might be able to find one on google if you dont wana buy sothlink
Feel free to PM me if you have a question
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orange gold
got as?
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googled it and found one...

tutorial to make it link...

download the fla link...

just googled flash tetris tutorial :P

have fun!
Feel free to PM me if you have a question
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Sorry, but I'm not sure advising people to rip off other peoples work is the most ethical thing you can suggest on these forums
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Yeh orange gold, don't push new guys in the wrong direction! And the tutorial is pretty good, but i think he is gonna have a hard time making sense of all that code!
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I am actually in the process of learning AS3 just to make the most amazing tetris game -ever- (lol). Actually you can see pics of it

here | here | and here.

Single mode, challenge mode, shop (redeem tokens you get from challenge mode), and online mode to play against many players. It's difficult being that I know very little about AS, but I found many tutorials on these forums, google, and on flashkit. TBH, I could really use some help making this free game lol but I figure it'll destroy the challenge of making it all up myself

Like I said, flashkit.org is a good place to start, but it's a little messy, buggy, and has a crappy community.
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Hey All,

I've made the code available for a 2d-array based Actionscript 3 tetris implementation. Its GPL so feel free to reuse it if you make the source available. Any suggestions or bugs, let me know.


- dialectric
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