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Default XML data from webservice to combo

I've got a bindable arraycollection in my Application which I use in 2 different places.
I can't seem to get the combo to populate properly. The webservice brings back the results in the resultHandler but they are presented as one item in xml format:

so if the "geonames" webservice is called with ta.text="BA14"
as follows:
<mx:HTTPService id="postalCodeSearch" url="http://ws.geonames.org/postalCodeSearch?" requestTimeout="10"
     	useProxy="false" method="GET" showBusyCursor="false" resultFormat="e4x"  result="resultHandler(event)" fault="FaultHandler(event)">
   <mx:request xmlns="">

private function resultHandler(evt:ResultEvent):void
   Application.application.postal_ac = new ArrayCollection(mx.utils.ArrayUtil.toArray(evt.result))

private function lfx(item:Object):String 
  var a:String = item.code.name
  trace (a)
  return  a 

<mx:ComboBox id="cb1" x="113" y="2" dataProvider="{Application.application.postal_ac}" width="158" close="closeHandler(event)" labelFunction="lfx"  ></mx:ComboBox>

One big chunk returned as a combobox item not 13 separate items and the <name/> tags are not removed.... 
<name>Trowle Common</name>
<name>Ashton Common</name>
<name>Steeple Ashton</name>
<name>Great Hinton</name>
<name>North Bradley</name>
<name>West Ashton</name>
any ideas?
Thanks in advance.
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Any reason why would you use Application.application and ArrayCollection?
Why not feed the XMLList to both combo boxes you have?

Besides, I'm not sure ArrayUtil.toArray() will convert XML to Array - at least I wouldn't expect it to do it...
One more thing - even though it is OK to refer to the class by it's fully qualified name - in practice that would usually suggest that you have 2 classes with identical names i.e.:
and some:
which, in general is supposed to be a bad practice...
One more thing - even though AS3 allows you to omit semicolons - that's a very bad style, and, some times the compiler isn't able to cope with such syntax - so, put the semicolons - it really doesn't hurt and makes your code more readable.
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