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Question [AS2] Move everything

Hi, I'm trying to create a game (as always), what goes very well (also as always), but I got a problem (believe it or not, this is also like it always have been...). The problem is that I want to move everything else, instead of my character, to make it possible to explore larger maps than the screen. My code works fine - but only on the y-axis, I'm really confused! Here is the code that moves the world:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {

//Stores original coordinates
OldX1 = _x;
OldX2 = _root.hitTester._x;
OldY1 = _y;
OldY2 = _root.hitTester._y;
OldX3 = _root._x;
OldY3 = _root._y;
OldRot =_rotation;

//Handles the key input
if (Key.isDown(65)) {
this._x -= 7;
_root.hitTester._x -= 7;
_root._x += 7;
if (Key.isDown(68)) {
this._x += 7;
_root.hitTester._x += 7;
_root._x -= 7;
if (Key.isDown(87)) {
this._y -= 7;
_root.hitTester._y -= 7;
_root._y += 7;
if (Key.isDown(83)) {
this._y += 7;
_root._y -= 7;
_root.hitTester._y += 7;
//Checks if you hit a wall, if you do, reset the coordinates to the original ones
this._rotation = Math.round((Math.atan2(_root._xmouse - this._x, _root._ymouse - this._y)*-180/Math.PI)) +47;
for(var wall=1; wall <= _root.TotalWalls; wall++) {
if (_root.hitTester.hitTest("_root.Wall" + wall)) {
_x = OldX1;
_y = OldY1;
_root._x = OldX3;
_root._y = OldY3;
_root.hitTester._x = OldX2;
_root.hitTester._y = OldY2;
if (WeaponEnd.hitTest("_root.Wall" + wall)) {
_rotation = OldRot;

Thanks for helping
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Um... try to write your codes into the main timeline, easier to controll your movieclips and harder to confuse in it also you know where can you find your code....

Also why don't you use vcam instead of moving the whole map? Man you're brave

Just tips.
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