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Default [iOS] Swipe Gesture not working with 2 or more fingers.

This function only seems to work on iOS and Android devices if you swipe 1 finger. Anything more than 1 and nothing happens. Any ideas?

ActionScript Code:
Multitouch.inputMode = MultitouchInputMode.GESTURE; this.addEventListener (TransformGestureEvent.GESTURE_SWIPE, SwipeHandler, false, 0, true); protected function SwipeHandler(event:TransformGestureEvent):void         {                 _sliding = true;                 switch(event.offsetX)                 {                     case 1:                         slideLeft();                     break;                                 case -1:                         slideRight();                     break;                 }         }
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What do you get when running the supportedGestures() method?
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The swipe gesture is called when one finger is swiped. If I use 2 or more fingers, it isn't called.

I'm looking for a way so that any number of fingers swiped at the same time will call the function.
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After some research I've moved away from the swipe gesture event, and I've gone with the following, it's a little longer, but allows for more customisation.

I've pulled this code out of my app-in-progress, it allows any-finger swiping, but can be edited to isolate 1 to 5 finger swiping.

ActionScript Code:
import flash.ui.Multitouch; import flash.ui.MultitouchInputMode; import flash.events.TransformGestureEvent; import flash.events.TouchEvent; private var touchMoveID:int = 0; private var swipeX:Number; private var swiped:Boolean = false; if (Multitouch.supportsGestureEvents) {     Multitouch.inputMode = MultitouchInputMode.TOUCH_POINT;     mc.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH_BEGIN, onTouchBegin, false, 0, true);                 }         private function onTouchBegin(event:TouchEvent):void {     if (touchMoveID != 0) return;     touchMoveID = event.touchPointID;     mc.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH_MOVE, onTouchMove,false,0,true);     mc.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH_END, onTouchEnd,false,0,true);     swipeX = event.stageX; }         private function onTouchMove(event:TouchEvent):void {     if (event.touchPointID != touchMoveID || swiped) return;     var gapX:Number = swipeX - event.stageX;     if (gapX > 100) {         swiped = true;         trace("SWIPED RIGHT");        }else if (gapX < -100) {         swiped = true;         trace("SWIPED LEFT");     } }         private function onTouchEnd(event:TouchEvent):void {     if (event.touchPointID != touchMoveID) return;     touchMoveID = 0;     swiped = false; }
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