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Default [AS3] 2D platformer, expanding pasteboard for long level

So I'm not too sure if this is exactly a code related question...

I'm currently doing a group project and i am the environmental artist for a 2D platformer game in Flash AS3 (it'll be similar to mario with the camera etc) Well, I'm having issues with the size of what I want to take in, I understand that flash doesnt take something more than 10000px but then if i resize i'll lose quality and also i would like to make it a very long level.... The grey box (pasteboard) around the stage seems to mask my level if i try to to have the whole thing in the movieclip, and i can't seem to find any solution to expanding this. I heard that there is a way of making (i think) a blank movieclip and then putting sections of my environment in and then having code to call apon each section when they're required.... I really have no idea how to do this if thats the case and ive been googling for hours!!

please help!

Thank you!

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Create a MovieClip, and as you draw inside of it to one side you will have more space to draw. Be sure you have some sort of guide/ruler/line so you know where the bottom of the stage is at all times. Your standard stage size is about 750 by 450 pixels. Just be sure you place the MovieClip on the stage correctly and then to move your character, just have your character static (not moving) but move the environment MovieClip move opposite of the character to simulate the moving of the character. Create a MovieClip for each section of environment and place them side by side.

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okay i think i know what you mean but the problem isnt really with making the environment move etc... its more about manipulating the environment in flash without it being obstructed and hidden by the pasteboard (the grey section around the stage).... I want to also be pretty much limitless as well with the width so i can extend the level further (if needed). the player would be in control with the movement of character in the level (so i wouldnt need it to be constantly moving(like in a level like a minecart level in donkey kong, which is constantly moving and the player only has the option to jump)). So i need to be able to actually view the full level in the movieclip as it always needs to be there.
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Do you talk about a graphic look of your level on authoring time in flash? Export it as selection to Illustrator and edit it there with adobe fxg format. Then you can save it and import it back, but I guess you will need to cut it to smaller parts. Basically you can't see such big images in Flash Professional
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