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Default How do I load external sound into a movieclip vs. a Sound object?

I have a sound player movie clip that is designed to play the sound loaded into the parent movie clip. In particular, it uses "_parent.gotoAndPlay(targetFrame);" to start playing the sound. And it works well for statically loaded sounds.

However, how can I use this sound player movie clip with dynamically loaded sounds? The player requires a sound to be loaded into the parent movie clip, but the only way I know of loading an external sound is instantiating a new Sound() object and then using .loadSound(...). But loadSound doesn't load the sound into a movie clip.

So, how do I load an external sound into a movie clip versus a Sound object?

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Billy T
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you can't

not sure what you are trying to do...maybe elaborate
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Default Trying to make a sound player that loads sounds a runtime

Hi Billy,

I'm trying to make a sound player that loads the MP3 file at runtime that's specified in the calling HTML's query string.

I've modified the "skin" of the sound player at http://www.gmg.com.au/assets/tutoria...dio/index.html

This sound player can restart a sound at any midpoint (depending on where you drop the slider) by having the sound on a layer and calling gotoAndPlay(x) with x calculated form the dagger position.

I want to load the sound externally, but keep the functionality of the player. I understand to load an external sound I must create a Sound() object, then call .loadSound. But loadSound doesn't let me restart the sound in the middle (to keep the dagger functionality). And if I use an Event sound instead of a Streaming sound, then the user would have to wait for the whole sound to load (not as nice).

So, what do I do? How do take an externally loaded streaming sound and a) know at what point it's playing now, and b) restart it at any given midpoint?

Thanks for you help!
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If you check How to Load an External MP3 Dynamically as a Sound Object, here: http://www.kennybellew.com/tutorial/ , you'll see that you can load, play & pause & restart (all with displaying the position) both an "event" or "streaming" sound.
With an example .fla to download.
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