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Default integration of 2d elements with PV3D -

Couple questions about how I might go about integrating a 2D layer on top of a Papervison layer.

my goal: attach some 2D elements to a 3d object that is shifting rotation in 3dspace. Specifically, I want to draw a 2d line - x/y origin is the bottom right corner of the plane.

1. Height? Width? I can obtain the screen coordinates of a given displayObject3D with the screen property, but this gives me the coordinates of the center of the object. I simply haven't found a method to return the value of a related coordinate (the bottom right corner...) Since pv3d is projecting the object as a flattened 2d image at render time, you would think there would be a built in method to get such a thing. I've played around with papervisions built in drawing api, and it does a fine job of replicating the 2d api - so that might be an option if I can't find the coords in a predictable way.

2. translating zoom and focus of the camera into a predictable pixel values. If I have a plane that I know the 3d location of, and, hypothetically, the camera is viewing it squarely, how would I take into account the zoom and focus to translate the initial dimensions of the plane into pixel perfect height/width values? (for example, to place a 2d rectangle over the 3d content.) I can do a scale hack where I've applied a manual multiplier (just through trial and error), but its not exactly pixel perfect...

any pv3d gurus have some insight?

cheers -
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