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Red face [AS3] location defining

Hi,im new to actionscript 3 and im makin a simple labyrinth game...and i need your help.
please is there any variable datatype which could define the coordinates of any movieclip on the stage?i mean x and y coordinates...like
var XYlocation:Coordinates
object.x = some number
object.y = some number
and i will also need help with making the walls solid (cause the ball can go through them)
please some simple solutions if there are any ...tnx
for more info,here is my script of the whole game (as you can see im using KeyObject.as from senocular.com)
ActionScript Code:
ball.gotoAndStop('ball'); var Key:KeyObject = new KeyObject(stage); stage.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME,onenter); function onenter(e:Event):void{     if(Key.isDown(Key.LEFT)){                 ball.x-=2;         } else if(Key.isDown(Key.RIGHT)){                 ball.x+=2;         }else if(Key.isDown(Key.UP)){                 ball.y-=2;         }else if(Key.isDown(Key.DOWN)){                 ball.y+=2;         }     }

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Umm, I didn't quite understand your question there, maybe you should explain yourself a bit more, or at-least give us an idea on what exactly you are trying to do.

You can use Objects ( var ball:Object=new Object() and give it custom properties to hold extra coordinates, or what ever, you can specify similar properties in the class of you game object, or you can use a 1d or 2d array.....

If you can't even make walls "solid", then I seriously suggest you read tonypa's tile based tutorials and understand the logic, before proceeding further.
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yes you are right i didnt red them...i say im just total noob to action script but im happy just tu make a button-click let you open some website xD...and i never heard of this tonype,but it looks good and simple...thanks for tip i will try it ...
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