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Larsen Pedersen
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Question Make small circles/dots form a complex shape

Hej guys,

I've bee following this site for a long time, and now I finally got a question on my own.

I'm trying (by ActionScript) to make a bunch of small circles form a complex shape e.g. a star or a windmill.

I'm planning to draw on circle and draw it to bitmap date, but I don't know how to place a lot of circles in the shape of a complex shape (or how to transform them into another complex shape).

Have you got any ideas for this? - or maybe someone else has been doing something like it?
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I am actually doing something kind of similar, if I understand you. I think you want a way to draw shapes, made up of smaller circles. What I'm doing is a collision detection system that samples a certain size square (let's say 10x10 pixels) in a bitmap for a certain color. If a majority of this square is that color, I'll place a marker on a 2d array. I repeat this for the entire bitmap and end up with a sort of really pixelated version of the image. If you drew a rough copy of the shape you wanted, imported it into flash and then had the as3 loop through it using this method, you should get what you're looking for. Then all you have to do is place a circle at each marker.

Note: my method is not at all optimized for speed. The calculations I'm doing aren't actually done in the finished project, just beforehand to get the array and paste it where it needs to go.

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Howdy and Welcome...

I haven't done that before, but I'd probably approach it this way if I were to do it...

The biggest assumption that I am making is that the shape you want to draw is something that's easy to generate by ActionScript...
For example, if I were to fill the shape of this balloon with dots, I should know how to cut the background out and leaving just the desired area... This probably can be achieved by doing some bitmap manipulation...

But as a simple example, let's just say that I know how to do that...

#1. Load that image into the Flash...
#2. Load that image into the Flash one more time and place it above the previous image from #1...
#3. Create a mask image out of the desired area out of the image from #2...
#4. Create a new sprite and lay it down below that mask...
#5. Measure the rectangle dimension of the mask and draw dots in a grid which all happens inside the sprite created in #4...
#6. Set the mask of the sprite with the mask created in #3...

There you should have balloon area filled with dots...
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There is a full science about using dots to represent images. Call your local printing company and ask them to explain things.
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