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Default RightClick tutorial; would it be Okay?

Since the flash right click has been the bane of many a designer/developer since future splash, I thought, perhaps it would be time to show people how to get rid of it, and make their own. Adobe themselves have posted a method for getting rid of it; yet, only due to the need posed by their Captivate consumers.


Since Adobe has provided the code necessary to do it, there wouldn't be a liability concern.

I was hoping I could get a yes or no; or perhaps even a "go ahead sounds cool".

The Article would be structured something similar to this:

  • Disabling the flash rightclick
    • How to edit the html code in your page
    • A breakdown of the javascript required
  • Making the call
    • How to send data back to/call a flash function from javascript
    • How to use the data once it has been sent back to flash
  • What's on the Menu
    • A code overview and breakdown
    • A step by step process of how to implement the class.
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can be cool, can you make it AS2/AS3?
Super Duper!
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I must have ADHD
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It would actually be easier for me to do it in AS2, considering that is what I was coding with for the past few years before I shifted to AS3; thus, I don't think making it in both AS2/3 would be a problem.

Maybe a little help to point out where something seems too complicated, or too over complicated, might be nice.

I also thought that it might be a good idea to show them how to call a function that makes a custom div layer visible, and hides it on selection, so users can get a handle on the menu in or out of flash. Is this a good idea, or should it be left for another tutorial?

I just don't want this to seem to daunting to the newbie; yet, interesting enough to someone that has been coding in flash for a while.

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How did it go with this tutorial?
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It's could be awesome if this can be use on AS2.
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i think this ís code ..

function Main() {
stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, AddImage);

function AddImage(e:MouseEvent):void {
var newImage:CoolImage = new CoolImage();

newImage.x = mouseX;
newImage.y = mouseY;
newImage.scaleX = 0;
newImage.scaleY = 0;

newImage.alpha = 0;
newImage.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, ZoomImage);
function ZoomImage(e:Event):void {
var imageMC:MovieClip = MovieClip(e.target);
imageMC.scaleX += .05;
imageMC.scaleY += .05;

if (imageMC.scaleX < 4) {
imageMC.alpha += .05;
} else {
imageMC.alpha -= .05;
if (imageMC.alpha < .8) {
imageMC.removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, ZoomImage);
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