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Red face Error 1000: Ambiguous Reference when embedding from a package

Hello everybody,

I am encountering an issue I really can't find a solution to. When embedding assets in a class file and assigning them to a variable of the Class type, I get a compiler error 1000 "Ambiguous Reference". This ONLY happens when I move the class file into a package. Leaving the class file in the main source folder results in no errors, but I am not satisfied with this solution. Here's the source code for one of my classes.

Some clarifications:
I am not using any namespaces, at least not explicitly.

My first assumption was there would be a problem with the build path, so I added the "assets" folder to the project paths and tried referencing the embedded files directly (just source="filename.png"). Again, this works flawlessly from the default package, but not from any other package.

Flash Builder 4.5 shows two errors for each embedded asset. These for example relate to IMG_COMPASS_ARROW:
1000: Ambiguous reference to GravityCompass_IMG_COMPASS_ARROW.
Can not resolve a multiname reference unambiguously. GravityCompass_IMG_COMPASS_ARROW (from GravityCompass_IMG_COMPASS_ARROW.as) and comp:GravityCompass_IMG_COMPASS_ARROW (from comp\GravityCompass_IMG_COMPASS_ARROW.as) are available.

ActionScript Code:
package comp  {     import flash.display.Bitmap;     import flash.geom.Matrix;     import flash.geom.Point;         import mx.core.UIComponent;         public class GravityCompass extends UIComponent     {                 [Embed(source="assets/img_compass_bg.png")]         private static const IMG_COMPASS_BG:Class;         [Embed(source="assets/img_compass_arrow.png")]         private static const IMG_COMPASS_ARROW:Class;                 private var _backgroundImage:Bitmap;                 private var _arrowImage:Bitmap;                 private var _arrowRotation:Number;                 private var _bgCenterX:Number;                 private var _bgCenterY:Number;                 private var _arrowCenterX:Number;                 private var _arrowCenterY:Number;                         public function GravityCompass()         {             super();         }                 override protected function createChildren():void {             _backgroundImage = new IMG_COMPASS_BG();             _arrowImage = new IMG_COMPASS_ARROW();                         _bgCenterX = .5 * _backgroundImage.width;             _bgCenterY = .5 * _backgroundImage.height;             _arrowCenterX = .5 * _arrowImage.width;             _arrowCenterY = .5 * _arrowImage.height;                         _arrowImage.x = _bgCenterX - _arrowCenterX;             _arrowImage.y = _bgCenterY - _arrowCenterY;             addChild(_backgroundImage);             addChild(_arrowImage);         }                 override protected function measure():void {             measuredWidth = _backgroundImage.width;             measuredHeight = _backgroundImage.height;             measuredMinWidth = _backgroundImage.width;             measuredMinHeight = _backgroundImage.height;         }                 public function set direction(p:Point):void {                         // Calculating the angle between p and the upward             // pointing vector (0, -1) using the well known formula             // cos(angle) = v1 * v2 / |v1| * |v2|             var angle:Number = Math.acos(-p.y / p.length);                         if(p.x < 0) {                 angle = -angle;             }                         var m:Matrix = new Matrix();             // Moving the graphic's center to the origin             m.translate(-_arrowCenterX, -_arrowCenterY);             // Rotating around the origin             m.rotate(angle);             // Moving the graphic's center back             m.translate(_arrowCenterX, _arrowCenterY);             // Then move it to the background graphic's center             m.translate(_bgCenterX-_arrowCenterX, _bgCenterY-_arrowCenterY);             // Write the result back to the graphic's transform matrix             _arrowImage.transform.matrix = m;         }     } }

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