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Default Changing onPress events to functions

I have a simple movie in Flash 8 which plays a specified mp3 file, I'm trying to change it so that instead of using onPress events it uses functions [not sure of the correct terminology]. The original is at gandalf458.co.uk/playonce.fla and my initial attempt gandalf458.co.uk/playonce2.fla -I'm not sure where to go from here. Can anyone guide me please?
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Changing from a onRelease (for example) event to a function is pretty simple.
play_btn.onRelease = function() {
Keep all actionscript in it's own layer and not on the button itself.
So create a movie clip that will act as your button, give it an instance name and then with dot notation, append the action onRelease or whatever to the button name
then define the function... see example above.
Start with something very simple and easy... all by itself in a new Flash doc.
Create a button in frame one along with a stop(); and then in a separate layer put in the function actionscript.
Do a simple gotoAndStop in frame 10 or so... in frame 10 put a big blue box.
Once you verify that your function is working, then adapt into your real project.
Best wishes,
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Thanks Adninjastrator. That's very helpful.
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