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Default [AS3] Open URL on local swf (without setting permissions))


How can I open a URL from a as3 local flash application (on a cd-rom), without
setting the browser permission? If it were to be accessed online, the param "allowScriptAccess" would do the trick, but locally I can´t find the way to do it.

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You should not run .swf files from a CD-Rom or local disk in the first place. Such files were meant to run in a browser, if that is not what you want, then you shouldn't be working with a .swf file but some other format ( like Projector or Adobe Air or a completely different technology ).
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If you aren't running the Flash application on your CD through a browser, how are you running it? You can still use HTML on a CD app, just include an HTML wrapper. It will run in the user's browser locally. You would be able to set allowScriptAccess but you will run into local sandbox restrictions, I'm not sure how allowScriptAccess will interact with that, and at the very least you will not be able to interact with the HTML and load a URL at the same time (you can only get local access or network access, not both -- at least not without a way to put the app in the local-trusted sandbox.)
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Thanks for the replies. I am running the app thru a browser and a html wrapper and those local sandbox restrictions are the things that are troubling me. If the user manually set the flash player restrictions, the app will work, but I am trying to do it beforehand. I could come up with a gross workaround, on which the app calls an auxiliar html that opens the desired URL. But I am still trying to find a better way.

Thanks again
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