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Default [AS3] game acting glitchy

Hi im just trying to make a simple platform game but the character keeps bouncing off the floor like its glitching, i can still move and jump he just keeps bouncing, and wen i go up to walls he go to the top of them how can i fix that, heres the code

import flash.events.KeyboardEvent;
import flash.events.Event;

//some variables to track the players speed

var speedX=0;
var speedY=0;

// loop through all platform objects to generate a level

var level:Array = new Array();
for (var i=0; i<numChildren; i++) {
if (getChildAt(i) is Platform) {

// make variables to store key states

var kUp = false;
var kDown = false;
var kLeft = false;
var kRight = false;

//listen for key presses and release

stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, kD);
stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_UP, kU);

function kD(k:KeyboardEvent) {
if (k.keyCode==37) kLeft=true;
if (k.keyCode==38) kUp=true;
if (k.keyCode==39) kRight=true;
if (k.keyCode==40) kDown=true;
function kU(k:KeyboardEvent) {
if (k.keyCode==37) kLeft=false;
if (k.keyCode==38) kUp=false;
if (k.keyCode==39) kRight=false;
if (k.keyCode==40) kDown=false;

// Make a looping function

addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, loop);
function loop(e:Event) {

// Horizontal movement

if (kLeft) {
} else if (kRight) {
} else {
speedX*=0.5; // friction

//Horizontal hit tests

for (i=0; i<level.length; i++) {
if (player.getRect(this).intersects(level[i])) {
if (speedX > 0) { //moving right
player.x = level[i].left-player.width/2;
if (player.getRect(this).intersects(level[i])) {
if (speedX < 0) { //moving left
player.x = level[i].right+player.width/2;
speedX=0; // kill the speed

//Vertical checks

// Gravity

var jumpable=false;

//hit tests
for (i=0; i<level.length; i++) {
if (player.getRect(this).intersects(level[i])) {
if (speedY > 0) { //moving down
player.y = level[i].top-player.height/2;
if (speedY < 0) { //moving up
player.y = level[i].bottom+player.height/2;
speedY=0; // kill the speed

// jump if possible

if (kUp && jumpable) {
speedY=-20; // jump height

// move the camera with the player

this.x=-player.x+(stage.stageWidth/2); // center the player

//if (speedX >-0.5 && speedX < 0.5) {
//} else {

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