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Default [iOS] Memory Management Weirdness

I'm building an app for iPad in AIR 3.2 .. and am seeing some strange stuff going on.

.. when I fire up my app .. everything is butter. Everything runs smoothly. If I don't touch the screen for a few minutes.. then touch the screen. Everything is sluggish for 2 seconds and then back to normal.

Is this some sort of process thats putting my app to sleep or something ?

How can I get around this ?

Its not a good experience when you stop touching the app for a minute or so and then it is sluggish when you resume touching.

.. the weird part is that I found a fix by accident.

I was running a SWFProfiler to test my MEM usage... and noticed tha while the profiler is running ... My app stays alive and perfect the entire time the profiler is running.

My framerate never drops below 60fps ...

So now my question is ... What could I put in my app that is lightweight that can keep my app active ? Whats this profiler doing that is keeping everything running smooth and preventing the app from sleeping. ?

.. this is driving me absolutely crazy! ..

I've tried using a simple EnterFrame script to replace this Profiler .. thinking maybe that would stop this behaviour from happening. No dice.

What is it about the profiler that is making my app run amazingly fast at all times ?

The one thing I hate about AIR is how it handles memory... and the tools for monitoring it.

Can anyone see any issues if I just leave this profiler in my app ( hidden ) and running ? Not an ideal thing to do ... but its keeping my app running without sluggish behaviour.
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