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Default How should I set up global class paths? [solved]

Hello all!

So is there somewhere some tutorial or such for setting say "greensock" libraries in the default class paths so I wouldn't need to copy paste the "com" folder in the "src" folder every time I start a new project?

I've been using FlashDevelop and Flash Professional CS 5.5 and now if I just set the class path to "com" folder from Project >> Properties >> Classpaths >> Edit Global Classpaths >> Add Classpath in my FD 4.0.1 or Edit >> Preferences >> ActionScript >> ActionScript 3.0 Settings >> Browse To Path (Source path) in my CS 5.5 and try to use the greensock classes which both of the programs now do find and can propose properties and methods when writing the code, I get the error message "1172 Definition ... could not be found" from compiler if I then use greensock classes.

So how to set those paths so the compilers could find definitions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

* * *
EDIT, I found a solution for the FlashDevelop: firstly the class path should direct the folder where the "com" folder is and Project >> Properties >> Compiler Options -> Compiler Options >> Allow Source Path Overlap with value "True" everything seems to work with FlashDevelop as expected.

* * *
EDIT2, and for the Flash: I just set the parent folder of the com file as a class path and now it seems the Flash works as expected too

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