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Default Facebook integration with Flash Pro, not Flex?

Howdy all,

I want to get one of my pet projects up on facebook, but I've built them in Flash Pro CS5. I've never worked with Flex or Flash Builder (even though I hear they're better for coding), and don't have the money to get a license right now, nor do I really wish to (I'd rather not rebuild my current projects).

So, to get to my question: How do I get my Flash Pro projects on Facebook? I've been over several tutorials on both developers.facebook.com and adobe.com, the ones on FB are largely non-Flash related, and the ones on Adobe's site are all Flex specific.

In Flash Pro, you can't set up an MXML layer on top, at least as far as I'm aware. Is there another way?

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To integrate Facebook with a flash pro project you will have to download a couple of libraries: through the google.code source (google: as3 facebook library)

You will mostly need the Desktop and Web versions.

The Desktop version allows you to debug some call locally (not all)
The Web version is used when it's hosted (and thus the final version)

Here is some start up code:
ActionScript Code:
// Import Facebook Library import com.facebook.graph.Facebook; // Create some vars var APP_ID:String = "your_app_id_here"; var loggedin:Boolean = false; // init  function function init():void {     Facebook.init(APP_ID, fbInit); } function fbInit(response:Object, fail:Object):void {     if (response) { // if already logged in          loggedin = true;          //do your stuff here          trace(response); //Trace the response, you will see facebook returns a JSON          // You can look at this JSON to see things like response.name (i.e users name)     } else { // if not logged in          loggedin = false;          loginButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, loginHandler);     } } function loginHandler():void {       if(!loggedin) { // if not true             var opts:Object = {scope:"publish_stream"};             Facebook.login(onLogin, opts);       } else {             Facebook.logout(onLogout); } function onLogin(result:Object, fail:Object):void {       if (result) { //successfully logged in             trace("Logged In");       } else {             trace("Login Failed");              } } function onLogout(success:Boolean):void {          trace("Logged Out");      }

I hope this helps!
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