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Default [AS3] Handling Vector Tiles Efficiently

I am working on a tile system where the game reads an XML file with data and then fills them accordingly with tiles. I found out that if the size of the area I fill is large (6000x6000 for example), the game slows down immensely. It even slows down at 2000x2000. I tried cacheAsBitmap which helps speed up the process while in game but the map still takes awhile to load. I want to deal with large maps and 2000x2000 isn't that big. Is there any better way to handle vector based tiles?

I am creating a new display object for each tile which is an inefficient way to do things but I haven't figured out a way to just reference the vector image while having different x/y/z coordinates for each individual tile.

If I use the same reference to the display object, but give the IsoTile class different x/y/z coordinates, the x/y/z of the display object also changes.

I am using as3isolib is that helps.

This is the code I have:

for(var m:int = 0; m < mapXML.map[mapID].layer[l].fill.length(); m++) {
						// Fills layer with specified tile with specified tile size
						var fillX1:int = mapXML.map[mapID].layer[l].fill[m].@x1;
						var fillX2:int = mapXML.map[mapID].layer[l].fill[m].@x2;
						var fillY1:int = mapXML.map[mapID].layer[l].fill[m].@y1;
						var fillY2:int = mapXML.map[mapID].layer[l].fill[m].@y2;
						var fillTileWidth:int = mapXML.map[mapID].layer[l].fill[m].@tileWidth;
						var fillTileHeight:int = mapXML.map[mapID].layer[l].fill[m].@tileHeight;
						for(var fillX:int = fillX1; fillX < fillX2; fillX += fillTileWidth) {
							for(var fillY:int = fillY1; fillY < fillY2; fillY += fillTileHeight) {
								// Tile
								// Get tileID and get matching tile with tileID from isoObjects vector
								var fillTileID:int = int(mapXML.map[mapID].layer[l].fill[m].@tile);
								var fillTile:IsoObject = Library.instance.isoObject[fillTileID].clone();
								// Assign tile position to each tile
								fillTile.xPos = fillX;
								fillTile.yPos = fillY;
								fillTile.zPos = 0;
								fillTile.x = fillTile.xPos;
								fillTile.y = fillTile.yPos;
								fillTile.z = fillTile.zPos;
this is the IsoTile class
 * IsoTile extends IsoSprite
package xxx {

	public class IsoTile extends IsoSprite {
		// Image properties
		public var img:String;
		public var display:MovieClip;

		public function IsoTile(objID:int, img:String, xSize:int, ySize:int, zSize:int, collision:Boolean):void {
			this.objID = objID;
			this.img = img;
			this.xSize = xSize;
			this.ySize = ySize;
			this.zSize = zSize;
			this.collision = collision;
			this.width = xSize;
			this.length = ySize;
			this.height = zSize;
			if(img) {
				display = MovieClip (Library.instance.createInstance(Library.instance.displayObject["Tiles"], tiles."+img, img));
				display.cacheAsBitmap = true;
				sprites = [display];

		override public function clone():* {
			var clone:* = new IsoTile(this.objID, this.img, this.xSize, this.ySize, this.zSize, this.collision);
			return clone;

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throw a trace() in there
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A couple thoughts:
1) I don't see anything about hiding the IsoTiles when they are off-screen and showing them on-screen. If most of your four million tiles aren't on-screen you may speed things up if they aren't visible.
2) If the loading's slow, use some temp variables in your loading loop. Like, if you're referencing: "mapXML.map[mapID].layer[l].fill" every time the Flash player is getting: mapXML, then map, then mapID, then using mapID as the index in mapXML.map, then getting layer, then l, then using l as the index in layer, then getting fill. But if you make a tempFill:XMLList (I think?) variable and just assign it once, before the loop, you can cut that down a little.
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