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Default Help Implementing iOS Native Scrolling

So, I've been looking into adding native scrolling for my application. I have 1 movieclip that I want to scroll vertically. Now, I've been trying to use this to try and recreate the iOS kinetic scrolling, but have yet to completely figure this out.

I need someone to sort of guide me through this. I have 1 MovieClip that I want to scroll vertically. It is named videoData. I just need it scrolled along the y axis.

Please help!


[EDIT] Even better. If you guys can help me implement this instead, that works even better. But, either one works. Thanks in advance

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You can start here:
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I've developed a few ipad apps in flash, and we implemented scrolling not using the native touch events (which are impossible to test except on an actual iOS device), but instead just using regular mouse events and Tweens. Not only are the results more reliable and cross-compatible, they can also be tested within the AIR debugger - so you only have to wait 10 seconds to test, vs 10 minutes to compile an .ipa and load on the device.
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