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Oh and set to 0 in the public declaration
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ActionScript Code:
//Lets say menuXML.gallery has 10 items var i = 0 ; for each (var  item in menuXML.gallery.imageFile){        //i goes from 0 - 9 here !!     newSlide();     //i gets incremented here . Remember the last value of i is not 9 but 10 because it is incremented and this is the value that gets fed in when the timer completes     i++;            //->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>OUT OF THE LOOP     tenSecondTimer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, unWait);          //Doesnt matter where you define this function . it will always be called after 10 seconds .If fps is 32 it wil be called after 320 frames.     //Doesnt matter how many items you have in the imageFile when unwait is called i is always 10 unless u have reset it     //OOPS imageFile[10] doesnt exist     //You just defined a function umm 10 times? but why?     function unWait(evt:TimerEvent){newSlide();}            //Fails!!!!!     tenSecondTimer.start();     //->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>OUT OF THE LOOP     }//While we got nodes

Alright here is my explanation of your code. May be you might have to rethink your logic a little bit.

p.s try not nesting functions. it is easier to debug that way

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Originally Posted by fortrium View Post
Yes I do want a delay between slides, but right now what's happening is the For Each loop never waits before getting the next image.

remove your for each loop ah everything what is inside loop

ActionScript Code:
on very end add two rows
ActionScript Code:
i++ if(i>=menuXML.gallery.imageFile.length) i=0; setTimeout(newSlide,10000);

instead of for each loop put :
ActionScript Code:

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