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Default [AS3] box2d, car game

Hi everybody.

here is these wonderful examples

emanueleferonato dot com/2009/04/06/two-ways-to-make-box2d-cars

ok what mi trying to do is add some skin to the ground and car, but i dont know how, here are other samples where objects have skins

box2d dot org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6297

but still it doesnt work, do u know how to put the skin in box2D?

sorry about the links i cant post them until have 50 or greater post.
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You should follow my tutorial here:
Super Duper!
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If you are already using emanuele feronato's site, you might find the other examples for box2d helpful for skinning. This one deals with it specifically:


- dialectric
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Thank ASWC and Dialectric for your quick answer.

I still i've not see the ASWC, but i will by finishing this post, i just wanted post first.

Dialectric i've seen the other samples and basicly the thing is (or what i understand) to add new object of the MC with the skin through the "userData" to the b2BodyDef object. And then in the update function every change applied to the object must be applied to the skin too.

         //adding the skin wheel to the object
         bodyDef.userData = new wheel();
	 bodyDef.userData.width = 10 * .25 * 30;
	 bodyDef.userData.height = 10 * .25 * 30;
         body = world.CreateBody(bodyDef);
in the update function:

//apply the changes to every skin of every object
for (var bb:b2Body = world.m_bodyList; bb; bb = bb.m_next) {
	if (bb.m_userData is Sprite ) {
		bb.m_userData.x = bb.GetPosition().x * pixels_in_a_meter;
		bb.m_userData.y = bb.GetPosition().y * pixels_in_a_meter;
		bb.m_userData.rotation = bb.GetAngle() * (180 / Math.PI);

If u see something missing please help, for now i will see the ASWC tutorial then ill tell what was my problem, i hope it solves.
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Default my skin moves apart

the ASWC tutorial of box2d is amazin! thanks

now i know how to add a skin to the stage but still i have this problems:
1-the skin goes apart of the object im applying the skin
2-I dont know how a the he.. add the skin for the wheels.

here is the .fla where u can see all

any ideas? thanks

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Default finally i found my error

well the thing is that i was adding child to the stage and not to the "screen" movie clip, so when i add it it just move independent of the correct object.

here is the fla where u can download the progress, it has the ground skinned and the truck except the wheels skinned.


next is to skin the wheel i hope no be a problem.

again thanks to ASWC and Dialectric for all.
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