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Question can a round hit box be made?

So i'm making my first as3 game and its just a simple avoider style game. I've got most of the basics working but the objects that are being avoided are circles and since im using hitTestObject i get a square hit box . Is it possible to create a circular hit box?

Heres my code

ActionScript Code:
package {     import flash.display.*;     import flash.events.*;     import flash.text.*;     import flash.utils.Timer;     import flash.utils.getDefinitionByName;         public class mattGame extends MovieClip {         var ship:Ship;         var gameTimer:Timer;         var army:Array;         var score:int = 0;         const speed:Number = 7.0;                 public function mattGame() {                 army = new Array();             var newEnemy = new Enemy( 250, -15 );             army.push( newEnemy );             addChild( newEnemy );                         ship = new Ship();             addChild(ship);                         gameTimer = new Timer( 25 );             gameTimer.addEventListener( TimerEvent.TIMER, onTick );             gameTimer.start();         }         public function onTick( timerEvent:TimerEvent ):void {             if ( Math.random() < 0.1 ){                 var randomX:Number = Math.random() * 500;                 var newEnemy:Enemy = new Enemy( randomX, -15 );                 army.push( newEnemy );                 addChild( newEnemy );             }             ship.x = mouseX;             ship.y = mouseY;                         for each ( var enemy:Enemy in army ){                 enemy.moveDownABit();                 if ( ship.hitTestObject( enemy ) ){                     gameTimer.stop();                 }             }         }     } }

end the enemy class to

ActionScript Code:
package {     import flash.display.MovieClip;     public class Enemy extends MovieClip     {         public function Enemy( startX:Number, startY:Number )         {             x = startX;             y = startY;         }                 public function moveDownABit():void         {             y = y + 7;         }     } }
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No you cannot do a circular hitbox but circle are the easiest object to detect a collision from. Simply calculate the distance from the center of the circle to whatever is colliding with it and if that distance is smaller than the circle radius you got a hit.
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As ASWC said, there is no built in feature to do this. You could calculate it on your own, or employ one of a number of pixel-perfect hit tests that others have written such as:


- dialectric
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@ dialectric thanks for that, but it’s a little too complicated for my feeble mind to comprehend .

@ ASWC but my character isn’t a circle so how do i take into account the different dimensions?
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actually with much thinking i go it working so big thanks dialectric
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