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Exclamation How to 'expire' a Flash file

On my current project, I need to have a published SWF(EXE) expire after a certain date. Here is some code:
ActionScript Code:
var now:Date = new Date(); var expDate:Date = new Date(2012,7,1);//year, month(-1), day if(now >= expDate){     _root.gotoAndStop(16); }else{     trace("Contine trial") }

As you can tell, this sets a date to stop working (jump to frame 16). The SWF works fine. My problem is when I publish this to an EXE file, it never jumps to frame 16.

What am I doing wrong??
Please help!
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I dunno. Try creating a textfield, and output the dates in that, and post back what is outputs, also, post back what it outputs in the SWF file as well
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Go to Publish Settings then Choose Windows Projector and CLICK Publish.

Test the EXE.


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You could do shared object from the beginning like so.

ActionScript Code:
stop(); var playAmount = 25; expireSo = SharedObject.getLocal("expireySo"); if (expireSo.data.startedOn == undefined) {     expireSo.data.startedOn = 1;     expireSo.flush;     usedTime.text = expireSo.data.startedOn;     //gotoAndStop(2);     trace("Contine trial"); } else if (expireSo.data.startedOn < playAmount) {     usedTime.text = expireSo.data.startedOn++;     //gotoAndStop(2);     trace("Contine trial"); } else if (expireSo.data.startedOn >= playAmount) {     usedTime.text = expireSo.data.startedOn++;     //gotoAndStop(3);     //fscommand("quit");     trace("Expired"); }

basically starts off with one when you play it, then adds every time you restart it.

change 25 to how many times allowed to play, i know its not dates, but it might get you started.

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what you need is to have it connect to the web to really expire it.
if you are doing it locally its easy to hack it by just changing the local date.
so make it that the app needs to have a internet connection to load and you can even manage the time out on the server that way the app only has an ID for witch the server returns true or false if its active or not.
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not sure on how much a flash projector can communicate with remote stuff (if any) other than opening a html page in a folder and having the web page change location upon loading etc etc.

but for your expire movie try this
ActionScript Code:
stop(); //////// Set Expire Dates ExpireDay = 1;// Day in month ExpireMonth = 7;// July ExpireYear = 2012;// Year //////// Get todays date TheDate = new Date(); Months = ["1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9", "10", "11", "12"]; TheDay = TheDate.getDate(); TheMonth = Months[TheDate.getMonth()]; TheYear = TheDate.getFullYear(); //////// Show todays date in textfield if wish ShowDate.text = TheDay + "/" + TheMonth + "/" + TheYear; //////// Check date against expire dates if (TheYear < ExpireYear) {     gotoAndStop(2);     trace("Continue trial"); } else {     checkMonth(); } function checkMonth() {     if (TheMonth < ExpireMonth)     {         gotoAndStop(2);         trace("Continue trial");     }     else     {         checkDay();     } } function checkDay() {     if (TheDay >= ExpireDay)     {         gotoAndStop(3);         trace("Expired");         //fscommand("quit");     }     else     {         gotoAndStop(2);         trace("Continue trial");     } }

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