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Default How to insert frame before 1st frame which contains mcs and as

Hi guys

Im making my first serious flash game
and I made 1st level at 1st frame

now I saw that i need to insert 1 frame before my 1st level to add menu like - new game, instructions, credits etc.

How can I move this framee with movieclips, actionscript and everything to 2nd frame,and in first frame put menu. Or if I cant do that and I must start new fla file and start all again, how much you guys/developers, usually leave frames blank just in case before 1st level.? thanks.
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Select all the frames and layered you have in your game, hold down the shift key and drag selected frames one frame to right. All the setting will shift and you will get a clear first frame to make your menu.

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Wohoo Thanks dude, someone loves u lol
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@arkitx - wrong solution , i tried doing it and ended up removing all my action script code in frame and overwriting the content on the keyframes as well, there must be a better solution then this really ....
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Try option-dragging the frames.
(option-drag is a standard method for creating copies in many software packages and operating systems.)
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@jinisner, you must've moved your frames wrong or were utilizing keyframe numbers instead of labels. If you are using keyframe numbers and you move your content, you'll get errors since the content is not located in those spots anymore. Other than that selecting all keyframes and moving them over is the correct method.
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Insert frames in the Timeline. ... Note: If you apply a color effect to a movie clip symbol that has multiple frames, Flash Professional .... For example, you must break apart an instance before applying a shape tween to it. ... and size; for graphics, the loop mode and first frame that contains the graphic......

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