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Default Touchscreen Kiosk needs to goto frame1 when inactive for 60 seconds

Full Disclosure:
#1 -I searched the forums as best I could, googled the interwebs as well.
#2 -I am looking for someone else to solve my problem rather than learn how to code it myself. I think I have reached my scripting limits.

I have been tasked by a large evil corporation to create an interactive touchscreen kiosk for my facility because I am the "tech guy." Which is corporate speak for I put gel in my hair and poof it up. I have somehow managed to cobble together a flash file that makes the powers-that-be happy except for one thing:
When users walk away from it, they would like it to goto frame1 after it being inactive for 60 seconds. At frame1 it will play a 60 frame animation and then loop over and over, kinda a hack version of a screensaver. Their request is reasonable to be sure, but one that I have been unable to fulfill so far.

Can anybody help? (By help I mean paste in the exact code that I need so that I have to literally contribute nothing)
By doing so you will help an underling rightfully return to working on his actual job instead of cursing at his computer/the interwebs mercifully for hours on end.

So far I have figured out that I need to have a movieclip sitting in the background and attach the code to it. The closest I have come to achieving this is the following: (which i found in one of your forums)

onClipEvent (load) {
var startTime = getTimer();
onClipEvent (mouseMove) {
var endTime = getTimer();
_root.result = endTime;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (endTime != null) {
elapsedTime = endTime-startTime;
secPassed = elapsedTime/1000;
if (secPassed>=60) {
startTime = getTimer();

But... this seems to only gotoframe1 when the mouse is moved after a period of time. I need it to gotoframe1 when the mouse isn't moved after a period of time.

Thanks so much for any help and/or snarky comments that otherwise brighten my day

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