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Talking Compress CSS before compile?

Hey all,
I was wondering if anyone knows if it helps with file size to compress your CSS sheets before compiling the swf?
For HTML files, it compresses the bytes and makes a smaller file size, turning something like:

	stroke-color: #5AA9FF;
	stroke-width: 1;

Does this make a difference or even matter, since Flash will compile its own swf anyway, does it do something like this automatically, or will this help build slightly smaller swf files?
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If your embedding the css as text (.css) files into your swf, I would imagine that if you make the size of the text file smaller, then that would also make for a smaller swf, but that would matter little unless your css files are 500kb or more.
If your embedding them as octet stream files (raw data text), then my thought is that yes it makes a difference.
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Styles in Flex are compiled into bytecode, so it will not make any difference at all. This is why you can't load a stylesheet as text at runtime. It must first be compiled into a SWF.

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