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Default one template, many looks?

I searched and also went through the tutorials. But once again, I don't even know the approach so am not sure what to look for. I know the result I want (become a world renowned mx guru and make more money that Bill Gates). Sorry, I dozed off for a sec . . .

The tutorials that came closest were Tutorial 28 attachMovie and Tutorial 32 LoadVariables and LoadVars Objects

What I would like to do is by using actionscript generate a simple interface. This part I think I can do.

ActionScript Code:
boxOne_mc._x = 100; boxOne_mc._y = 100; boxTwo_mc._x = 200; boxTwo_mc._y = 100; boxOne_mc._x = 300; boxOne_mc._y = 100; btnOne_mc.x = 5; btnOne_mc.y = 100; et cetera

where I have some five movie clips that I will always want to show, but have them arranged in two different manners. To keep this example simple. Let's say I want one swf to have 5 horizontal boxes and the other to have 5 vertical boxes (I will also apply the same to a series of buttons, but that's later).

So I would like to create what??? Is it an array? A function? See I'm totally lost as to where to start.

I have these movie clips (boxes and buttons) and also a news box a la Jesse's tutorial

ActionScript Code:

just point me to a thread, I'm sure that is has been done a billion times (a billion, hmm, Bill Gates . . . did you know that a million dollars is to Bill Gates like 42 cents is to the average American?).

mr. olive . . . hold on to your monkey!
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