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Cool can YOU extend THIS?!

heres the tricky thing

imagine having some class which extends displayObject

you want to reuse it as much as possible and want it to be extended by Shape and Sprite classes.

there must be a straight forward way or its impossible, but so far i have figured out its not possible please proof im wrong.. i know you can use include and import but i dont realy want to use that
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Welcome to OOP design principles

If you want a class that can change its inheritance, you're better off taking more of a compositional approach. (has a, vs is a)
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dont you welcome me
what do u mean? just copy the code to both of classes?
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No, Composition (has a) and Inheritance (is a) are two different types of relationships. What Assertnfailure is saying is that instead of using inheritance, you would be better of using composition.


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