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Default Flash animations not loading....due to lack of preloader?


i have this site that i'm designing for somebody:
and the animations 50% of the time don't appear or they randomly freeze.

i started the website in actionscript 2.0 and everything was going flawlessly (since this is my introduction to flash and that's all i could find tutorials on) so someone suggested to start off learning 3.0 becuase that's newer and will not be outdated. so i transfered everything over to the 3.0 file and had to rewrite some of the stuff.

So the problem: animations randomly freeze/stop/don't appear
wondering if the cause is due to a lack of a preloader (i had a preloader for my 2.0 file, but can't figure out how to make one for my 3.0 file, view it here http://svn.50webs.com/balfourwest/balfour%20west.html )

secondly, where exactly should i put the stop() functions. before tweens, after tweens, i'm not sure where they should go, because otherwise it just loops and freaks out.

here's the link to the .fla file so you can look at it.

EDIT: the issue only happens in mozilla firefox. IE7 works fine without a problem. any ideas?

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Your http://svn.50webs.com/balfourwest/balfour%20west.html )
works fine for me (UK) both in EI and Firefox and I got the latest of them both.
I assume you have only finished the two first links? But they fly in fine.
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Eventhough I'm new to AS I think I can say without getting into trouble that you place the
in a separate layer, on a key frame where ever you want it to stop
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yah i know that one works fine, because it's written in actionscript 2.0. but the other one (1st link) is written in actionscript 3.0 and that's the one that doesn't work well in firefox. it works fine within IE7 but not firefox.

so i just create a new layer for my stop actions?
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