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Question MouseOver Effects Using Movie Clips & ActionScript:


I'm a relative newcomer when it comes to Adobe Flash CS3 and it seems to me that since Adobe took Flash over there have been major changes according to the ActionScript.

Long story short is I have setup a navigation bar with the text being white for each link. I set up each link as a Movie Clip (MC) and then adjusted each so on frame 5 within the MC it will lower and fade and then on frame 10 raise back to it's previous position but as orange.

There are 6 MCs in all for each link: news_mc, about_mc, projects_mc, production_mc, extras_mc and contact_mc

What I need is so that when you visit the page, the text is white. Then when you mouse over the link it plays the MC and then stops it if they stay over it. However, if they leave the hover area, the MC plays in reverse back to it's white color. Also, each MC has it's own invisible button that for some reason I cannot add ActionScript onto.


Thank you in advance.

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Try to use filter class it might help you
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By CS3, I presume you're talking about AS3 (if you have AS2 in mind, please post in the AS2 forum).

Let's divide your problem into three parts. First, you can add handlers for different mouse actions using addEventListener(). E.g., for actions when mouse is over news_mc:

news_mc.addEventListener("mouseOver", newsMouseOverHandler);
function newsMouseOverHandler(evt:MouseEvent) {...}

Next, to play clip forward, just do play(). For going reverse, you could run prevFrame() on every frame - to run it each frame, listen to the "enterFrame" event like above and put prevFrame() in the handler (be sure to call removeEventListener() when you're done).

Finally, you can add handlers to your clip as necessary and set alpha to 0 to make it invisible - it'd still respond to mouse. If it's a button, I usually add a hit area and delete the content on other keyframes.

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